That’s a Wrap! November opens up with a spectacular play: The Flame

Greetings from the blogging desk of your favorite blogger,  Sarah!

Now I know what you have been thinking, “What happened?” “Where did all the blogs go?”

Never Fear for I am back with a blog full of details on the latest happenings. You all know the drill, Grab some coffee, a nice warm blanket because its time for another blog update. The wait has been well worth because after all the great reviews, praise and buzz on #TheFlame 20th Anniversary run, have have some big news to share:

  1. The LIVE broadcast of closing night as been acquired for a Dec. 18th premiere by Amazon Prime
  2. All the buzz in LA Times Theatre Critic Matt Cooper’s story, bloggers, social media gained the attention of major producers and looks like we will be filming a movie based on the play summer 2018 with Miranda directing/adapting the play for screen and the leads: Michelle Boback as Reese Delaney and Ross Gosla as Aaron Rose have been secured.   The production also will include 4 other cast members: Andy Mizrahi, Pete Freeland, Tysha Williams and Andrew Flores.
  3. AND FINALLY, this came in Thursday and was finalized on Friday. Do you remember when we said The Flame was Off-Broadway 20 years ago, well they called and it is OFFICIAL: Miranda Spigener-Sapon will direct the return of The Flame to the 99 seat Off-Broadway theatre in NYC, Winter 2018. The NYC production team has offered a budget salary and expense paid trip for Spigener-Sapon and her entire LA Cast for a full week run! YES you heard me, the entire cast and crew in NYC. Who is ready??!!

The Flame tells one woman’s story through life and her journey of friendship, love, and triumph of the human spirit.  The buzz has been pretty fierce around the net and social media and the reviews have been pouring in. Critics and producers are praising Miranda’s story and direction with stellar performances by the cast, in particular the leads Michelle Boback and Ross Gosla. The Flame 2017 Anniversary was an Official Playbill VIP production (click to see the program).

The Flame was mentioned in The Los Angeles Times, The Argonaut News and given positive reviews by several mega bloggers: The Arriviste and Blogger Maryam. Click the links below for full story and enjoy the photos. The weekend after Thanksgiving, Miranda and a few of the cast have been asked to be on iHeartRadio’s The Maryam Show LIVE on the air, stay tuned for date and times!

So as a wrap up and of course there are plenty of picks and clickable links below, but here is the approved Los Angeles Cast to Debut in Off-Broadway in NYC Winter 2018 for a 1 week run:

Of course, me Sarah have been hired to run publicity and assist Miranda for the NYC show. So we’ll see you in NYC next year!! Enjoy a few more production and cast party photos below: