Summer PR Blog: Mind Your Manners!

Let’s see, Crazy weather, random heat waves, ice cream and lemonades are a popular snack, it has to be the middle of summer, but that also means its time for another PR Summer blog series with me, Sarah!


With clients running around, trying to get things done, network with people and expand their brands, theres one important thing clients forget and thats saying please and thank you. yes, the lessons that are taught by parents at an early age, are sometimes forgotten as we grow up. Below is a small list of what to do and what not to do. Solutions will be after all the do’s and Don’ts


What not to do:

  • Walk off (During Red Carpets)
  • Being rude to those who took your picture (Eventually, those pictures will be all over the ┬ámedia)
  • Hide from press (Being out there no longer gives you privacy)
  • When pitching to journalist, avoid using cliche opening lines, For example: “Dear so and so”
  • Avoid spamming emails, they will get tired of so many emails, and eventually not give a response
  • Never ask a journalist to see their work before its published. (If they are nice enough, they will give a teaser of what they are writing but most of the time they like to work in solitude)
  • Avoid being so pushy, it’ll backfire in the long run.
  • Make communication complicated .
  • Can’t take no as a answer

During red carpets, theres a big buzz going around the room, celebrities are in full swing, conversations, networking and interviews are in full bloom. It can get easy to get distracted and just walk off when pictures are being taken or interviews. When getting your picture taken, know that there is always time for mingling and talking. Press are invited so that there is publicity at the event and further expand that persons brand. Also take into consideration that the nicer you are to press, the more doors open for appearances opportunities.

Pitching to journalists is also a key component when it comes to showcasing a Client. Opening an email with “Dear so and so”, will earn you a ignorance from that journalist. The press release should be relevant to that journalist and should be professional. It is not an email to a relative, it is strictly business , it should be concise and clear, straight to the point. Along with that, being to pushy can be annoying.

Sure journalist might take their time in getting back to you, some journalists like to work on their own time. Being to pushy can earn you a bad rep. It’s okay to push moderately. If the journalist has taken considerable amount of time, maybe a small reminder to the journalist may be good.

Another key component, is keeping the communication lines easy access. what I mean by that is, when it comes to phone number lines or emails, its important that journalists or press are able to directly communicate with you. Nobody wants to deal with automated voice mails that promise false call backs. Communication should be clear and easy, helps with the flow of things.

What to do:

  • Take into consideration of people’s times
  • Proofread throughly any press releases or pitches, this includes emails
  • During red carpets, thank the photographers and make time for any interviews.
  • When composing press releases, always provide a detailed press kit/EPK with hi-res images (if available).
  • organizing an event, a press room or green room should be available so press can have a area where they can set up and get ready for the event and/or interview clients/VIP’s.
  • The Basic WIFI, Phone access, Laptops, Camera Charging Stations, Snacks and refreshments should be available for those who need it. A knowledgable volunteer or staff should be put in charge to monitor the area and answer any questions that may come their way.
  • ALWAYS START ON TIME or at least as close as possible. Delays are understood, but BE REASONABLE!

When it comes to interviews or events, time is always short. Many people may be busy with tier jobs or lives, make sure to organize an event when the time seems decent and those who are invited, have enough time to attend the activity.
I cannot express how many journalists reject a pitch or proposal because there were writing/ grammar errors on the document. There is always one little mistake that may get away after so many revisions, but proofreading documents before sending will work wonders.

Press kits are a must have when dealing with press. Often times, press kits are missing information on their clients and it only focus on their achievements and they leave behind the basic information on that client. Achievements and recognition are the icing on the cake, but what good is the icing when you don’t have the cake itself to decorate.

to follow the above, having charging stations or little areas where guests are able to escape the activity is a must. Clients may want to rest a little before going to another interview, Press may want to charge camera batteries to keep the press buzz flowing and be able to capture stunning pictures of clients.

Always have slates available when presenting the client so press and guests know who that person is.

In my past experience, when attending events, there are instances where camera batteries die or and cameramen are not able to take pictures of clients. Equipment may decide to be faulty for the night after so many tests and practices, always be prepared for the unexpected. Sometimes refreshments are not available and its a scurry or frenzy when clients are parched and can’t continue with the days activities.

In the end, it is a necessity to be courteous to others. Press have chosen to come in for the night and cover your event and expose the event to society. Always show your appreciation to your guests and hostess. You want to leave a good image when hosting or attending events. Just a little goes a long way and will leave a good reputation, a good rep. will have clients coming back for some more publicity.

I will touch basis with our readers again next time. That’s all Folks! Till next week!