Summer 4th of July PR Series: What you need to make a EPK

Thank Goodness its Friday! meaning we bring to our readers another Summer PR blog this week.

Keep up with these blogs if our readers wish better themselves with PR knowledge and broadening their skill sets, don’t pull out some lemonade, instead grab a notepad and a pen because it’s time for another educational blog.

Let’s start things off by asking a simple question: “What does a person need to make a EPK?”

The short response would be, Have access to some technology and put together your clients information into a video.

The more in depth response would be,

Get to know what the client is asking for, what the client likes and then gather all the necessary information about the client (bios, good quality pictures, social media, websites, etc).  Afterwards, choose a design that is similar to what the client likes.

For example, if a client designed his/her website with blue colors or reds, add those colors to the EPK.

If a client is a writer about fantasy, as another example, Maybe choose a design that has colorful flowers and is overall almost similar to the clients website.

Next is the information that is put in a EPK. always make sure that the clients information that is put in a EPK is correct and accurate. Bios and accomplishments are always added into the epk. Pictures of the client are a MUST. You can’t have a EPK about a client if there is no face to base off the name.

Towards the end of the epk, your business information is added on.

an EPK is a good way to showcase all of the clients accomplishments and let the public know who this person is.

Below I have added an example of an  EPK I have previously done for MS Film PR Literary and some EPKS for Clients:






Thank you for reading this Summer PR Series, we will be back with another blog soon, till then, thats all folks! Till next week!