Marisa Romanov Premiere

Last Thursday Miranda screened the sizzle to her pilot episode of Marisa Romanov. The night started with guests walking the red carpet and trying the signature Marisa cocktail, followed by the screening, a Q&A session with the cast and crew, and a Christmas party. Thanks to JET studios for allowing us to use their beautiful location for the screening.

The Q&A session began with the cast answering the first question: How did you enjoy working together? The unanimous answer: They enjoyed it. The cast was then asked: What are your predictions for the plot of the Marisa Series? Ross Gosla jokingly replied that he saw a big future for his character Babyface, and Rafael Zubizarreta guessed that the series would be set in present times as well as in the 1940’s the era that the pilot was set in.

There were a few great audience questions as well. Showrunner Miranda Spigener-Sapon got a chance to explain that her inspiration for the pilot came from a period of time where she had just moved back to Texas and was searching for a story to write. She also was asked where the series would be filmed, and revealed that it would be set primarily in Los Angeles but that she is hoping to film in Tbilisi, Georgia (The Eastern European country, not the state!) for certain episodes. Exciting news!

The Q&A session ended with Miranda reveling that a certain A-lister was interested in being apart of the series, although she wasn’t yet ready to say who that A-lister was. So we’ll have to wait until the full pilot release to find out who that is. A cliffhanger before the very first episode!? We can already tell that the series will keep us on the edge of our seats.



Special thanks to Photographer on assignment Sheri Determan from for the beautiful pictures.