Making Good Men Great Community Initiative Draws Receptive Crowd on Friday!

Happy week to our readers! Summer is parting ways and fall is knocking at our door. Might not feel like Fall but it’s getting here. We are back again with another blog for our readers. Kick back and get comfortable , it’s time for another weekly blog update.
This past week, a special event took place, The Making Good Men Great Community Initiative took place in Sunny Santa Monica. If our readers didn’t attend, they missed out on a great event. As every event, unexpected things always happen. The Guest of honor came down with a sudden illness, so his wife and partner, Lorin Josephson took the stand and led the event. Lots of Press from Top Bloggers to The Santa Monica Mirror to Studio 3/RoKu TV and iHeartRadio turned out and the guests enjoyed the message that Lorin had to give. From the Patriarchy to how men are to proud to seek for help at times, Lauren’s message was full of inspiration. Towards the end of the event, Audience members were partaking in the question/answer discussion part of the event. Plenty of press members and VIP guests were highly interested in getting one on one interviews with Lorin and what she had to say, in a way, getting things from a women point of view.

Links are in the horizon, but here are some pictures from the event for the readers who were not able to make it.

Thank you to all who attended the event, and to all the press who took the pictures and had interviews. Come back next year for the Full conference in 2018. Make sure you follow the movement at, and subscribe to Gunter’s blog for all the latest and join in the discussion.

That is all for now folks! Thank you for reading!!


(photo credit: Sheri Determan)