Jodi Baker in full summer Swing as July 13th The TRUTH is released: Read what the critics have to say!

Happy week to al our readers! yet another hot week has fallen upon us Californian’s but as usual, the heat won’t stop this blog train. Crank up that AC, find a comfy area to read because it’s time for another blog.

This week, we are focusing on Jodi Baker. Critically acclaimed by the LA times and New York Times, Trust and Truth are making headway into the community. Surely making it’s competition for the Harry Potter books.

Recently there has been a buzz about this fabulous writer.

Most recent review has been given by Book Worms and OWLS. Claiming that the second installment of the Between the lions series is:

TRUTH is a must-read urban fantasy and mythological young adult book. I really liked the first instalment, TRUST, but TRUTH is a page turner. I couldn’t stop reading because of its action, revelations, and mythological elements. The relationship between Anna and Cax had me glued to the pages due to its nature. I love the diversity of the characters in the series. I find them beautiful and incredibly interesting. I think Anna is a modern role model for teenage girls and women who want and need to read about strong female characters. Styx is another strong female character to watch out, and I found myself imagining actresses such as Viola Davis or Samira Wiley portraying her in a movie series. Cax is totally intriguing for several reasons, like his heritage and skills.”

If you haven’t already gotten yourself a copy, What are you waiting for?! Head over to Hudson Booksellers Amazon, Barnes and Noble and nab yourself a copy. If you want a sneak peek of the books, surf into Jodi’s Website.

Thats all for this week folks! Stay tuned for more updates on the awesome MS Film PR Literary team, Till next week!