Introducing OnlyJame! Rising R&B Artist

National R&B/Pop Star Only Jame!

Happy week to all our readers! it’s time for another weekly blog, this weeks blog will be different than the rest, for we have special news for you all.

We would like to formally introduce a new client, “Only Jame” who will now be part of our fabulous team.

OnlyJame is from the northwest side of the Chicago suburbs, “9”. Jame started making a name for himself in 2013 after graduating high school and attended Columbia College. Only Jame took a break from the college life and focused more on his music.He went on to make music with Chicago natives, Tayler Bennett and Toni Romiti and even Chicago legend Twista. OnlyJame had shows with legends, Dex and Rich the Kidd. Jame did announce that he would no longer be in the hip hop genre, but that he would be in the feel-good type music and that he would be making better music, outside the hip-hop world.

More on OnlyJame will be posted soon, this is just a quick introduction to our readers.

That’s all for this week folks, catch you all in the next blog!

Here is a little tease of what OnlyJame can do