In With The New!

Hello everybody! It’s 2015 and we have a lot to look forward to this year.  We have a brand new addition to the MS Film PR Literary team. Maryam Shepardson is our new Business Development Manager, we are very excited to have her on board. Also PR intern Nicolle Chase has been promoted to Jr. Publicist/Office Manager.

Nicolle Chase, Maryam Shepardson

Not only is our office team growing, we also have a growing clientele. Welcome Jodi Baker our newest client and author of young adult novels, including her newest book Trust which is set to be published this upcoming June.

We are also looking forward to new developments in the Marisa Romanov project. Showrunner Miranda Spigener-Sapon has already received positive feedback on her sizzle, and filming is set to start later this year. Actors Rafael Zubizarreta, Pete Freeland, and Ross Gosla are just a few who are already lined up to be apart of the cast.



Also, our very own Pete Freeland will be apart of the first manned suborbital Research Program called Project PoSSUM  Such a great accomplishment, and what an adventure! Pete is one of 12 candidates that will go through the program which will fully train him how to fly to space.

Finally we are also looking forward to this years Book Expo America which will be held in New York. Many of our clients will be in attendance promoting their books and their projects. Be sure to keep an eye out for Dr. Wallace Wong, Pete Freeland, and Frank Say, Robin Conrad Sturm, Jodi Baker, and Rafael Zubizarreta. Also be sure to check out our booth which will be holding a variety of events including a coffee and cronuts breakfast and evening cocktails.

First slide

We also want to congratulate a long time client to MS Film PR Literary Nirav Bhakta who has been busy with a new documentary project and just completed ‘Choices’ an artistic short that he produced and directed. All of this while attending a graduate program in architecture! We love to see our clients working hard toward success.

With awards season officially starting, you’ll want to check out designer Amber Amanda’s Girl Talk Clothing Line. She is doing loaner couture for awards season again this year.

2015 is already looking to be a busy and successful year for MS Film PR Literary, and it’s only January! Wishing everyone much success this coming year. Happy New Year!