Historic Flooding sweeps The Greater Houston Area Communities: Hurricane Harvey made landfall without mercy…

It’s a tough week for viewers who have been keeping up with the news about Hurricane Harvey. Please take the time and pray for families who were caught between mother natures wrath.

Hurricane Harvey rapidly grew in size and made it into a category 4 hurricane. Friday night, it makes landfall on the Texas coast line. Evacuation orders were placed but it is extremely hard to evacuate a city as large as Houston. Houston is the 4th largest metropolis in the nation with over 6 million in population combined in Houston and surrounding cities including Pasadena, Texas, which is the hometown of our MS Film PR Literary founder Miranda Spigener-Sapon was born and raised and also the original birthplace of where our PR Firm started before headquartering in Los Angeles.  MS Film PR Literary still has a small office in Pasadena Texas that got some flooding, but everyone is safe. Miranda’s family is safe, but many Families and communities that were in Harvey’s path are now struggling to survive the chaotic flooding that Harvey brought.

Our founder Miranda will be in Houston/Pasadena this month and will be coordinating a performance of her 20th Anniversary hit play The Flame to help raise some funds and donations to give to locals in need directly. More info on that event coming up very soon.

Below are some news headlines that cover the Harvey devastation

















Please keep Texas families in your prayer. If you would like to help, local charities are a great way to reach out and help stranded families.

You can donate to these charities and help Texas get back on track

Look at the love of #TexansHelpingTexans in a state where politics, race, ethnicity has been put aside and only love matters! https://twitter.com/ellisonbarber/status/901926619102806016/photo/1

Catholic Charities USAGlobal Giving, GREATER HOUSTON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, Salvation Army. For more on where to donate, visit the Forbes website and browse the list so our readers can lend a hand.

#Praying for Texas

Thanks for stopping by. Keep Texas in your prayers!