Welcome back to the New MS Film PR Literary Blog!

Now, I know what our readers are going to say, why did the blogs stop, who was going to continue the client news!? What about the client’s projects, who was going to update readers on that?! Well, have no fear! we are back and ready to write about the juicy details on what everyone has been up to. Sit back, grab a snack, and let’s get the blog going.

To begin this blog, I wanted to start out by giving readers a small update about the changes that were brought to our website. yes, there is a new color and a new look. But don’t worry, it will still contain all the blog updates and current pictures of our clients and their projects. It’s a simple, yet charismatic layout where it will display to the fullest all that we want to accomplish this year and what our clients want to accomplish as well.

Our Company message has also been tweaked, the new and refine message emphasizes on who we are and what we are able to provide our clients. I believe this new message really describes what the company is about, and who we are as professionals. All our readers should go take a tour of the new website layout, as well as paying the “About the Company” tab to further understand what we are bringing this new year.

Our goals are to work together collectively and promote not just highly commercial projects/clients, but a strong sense of community with heart, passion and a strong independent spirit.

MS Film PR Literary was established to be a place for PR for Artists by Artists and to help cultivate a symbiotic fusion of Art + Branding/Publicity in order to equal a creative collective, balanced PR strategy of Magic + Art + Love + Dreams….that is MS Film PR Literary!

A quote from our founder:

I want not just my dreams, but also to be part of someone’s dreams/visions and together we can integrate our dreams and goals to full fruition with a unique message to give society…that is a big part of what MS Film PR Literary is all about.Quote end – Miranda Spigener-Sapon, Founder

Visit our website to read more!

We will be back regularly to bring readers about what our PR Collective is fusing together and any information on events that might interest our readers.

Glad to be back, we will catch you in the next blog, till next time!