Gunter Swoboda,Front Page News & Good Men Great & Book Launch: MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!


Good Week to all our readers! This blog is a quick update about the Make Good Men Great Conference that was schedule for this August 2107.   First, Happy Birthday to Gunter Swoboda and its time to celebrate by Making Good Men Great!  Yesterday, Gunter and the Good Men Great event made the front page of the popular international women’s publication SheBrisbane.

Sneak Peek of Gunter Swoboda’s new book

It is urgent to let our readers know that the conference will be postponed and will instead be a book launch for Gunter’s new book: Making Good Men Great: Surfing the New Wave of Masculinity. The book launch  and community initiative will be on the same day August 4th but it will be a one day event. August 4th from 1-6 pm, 603 Arizona Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401.   SAVE THE DATE!

TEDx speaker, Gunter Swoboda will be meeting with the community and meeting with fans on a one day only event. readers, do not miss this chance to better your lives! It will be an inspiring event that will be benefiting the manly lives of men, as well as opening the eyes of ladies when it comes to their love ones.

LUNCH and REFRESHMENTS provided so please RSVP to this FREE community initiative. There will be also be some SURPRISES and BONUS GIFTS.  You may also RSVP on the Facebook page

Making Good Men Great is a project that aims to help men rethink masculinity and provide a way to help them shape their lives such that they are aligned to thrive and can become an inspiration to others.
Join us for a Friday afternoon and evening where we will explore this idea of a new masculinity and many others that play into our lives and development as men.
Join us in the conversation that’s taking place about how to become men that thrive and inspire positive change in our communities and world.
Gunter Swoboda, International TEDx Speaker, Psychologist, Critically Acclaimed Author and Founder of Making Good Men Great will speak to the community, the press, producers and academia of Santa Monica,/Greater Los Angeles about this movement and the conference.

EVENT IS FREE, BUT please RSVP here or click going on this link so you’ll be added to the list. EMAIL RSVP to Sarah:

If you are interested in coming, feel free to RSVP here

It is a FREE event, but RSVP to hold your spot for the day!

Any questions or concerns can be directed to me, Sarah Gonzales (

or at Miranda Spigener-Sapon (

Short but informative! Till next time folks! Don’t miss out on this special event!