Get your hands on the New York Times Critically Acclaimed magical book by Laura C. Cantu, BETWIXTERS: Once Upon A Time, Book I on JULY 1st!

Happy week to all our readers! Its another hot week in sunny California but that won’t stop us from bringing you another blog update about our special clients.

You know the routine, bring some lemonade and find some shade, its time for a good read.

Our client on the blog post this week is the author and creator of the magical book Betwixters. Available to purchase this July 1st.

“Join Noah and his friends on a magical adventure as they race against time and plunge headfirst into the unknown. They are challenged with secrets to keep, a dangerous mission to accomplish and a test of courage that will bring them face to face with magical creatures they thought only existed in fairytales”

The critics are raving over this book, check out what the have to say    below:

“Betwixters is a poetic and magical journey that leaves you mesmerized in the imagery”- Vanity Fair, France

“Laura C. Cantu’s new Betwixters middle-grade series is a series to watch. Book one, Once upon a Time had me excited for the next in the series”- Blogs, New York Times

“This is better than the Anne Rice books i usually read’-iHeartRadio

“Loved it”- Winner America’s Got Talent 2007

Betwixters will be available to purchase beginning July 1, 2017 in these popular retailers:

Barnes and Noble and Amazon


What are you waiting for? Get your copy and dive into a enchanted adventure! Don’t forget to check out Laura’s Video below!

Till next time folks! Catch you guys in the next Blog.