Fall PR Tips: Events, Parties, the Essentials to Building a Reputation/ Image

Happy week to our glorious readers! We are back with a new and improved Fall PR series, a reminisce to the summer PR series. Grab a notebook and a good pen, it’s time to learn.

To start the fall series, we will be talking about signing up clients for red carpets, parties or appearances in general. The publicity field is all about building a clients brand and further expanding the client’s image and reputation. The more buzz there is about a client, the more appearances and better image the client will gain. Soon enough, press will be begging for the client to do more interviews and make appearances at high-end parties. But, how exactly do clients attend parties/events? This is where the publicist comes in. The job of a publicist is to take a clients name/ brand and make it grand.

The first step is to choose an event that both the publicist and client can make it. countless times there have been events that are far from the city, and due to transportation issues, a client isn’t able to make it because of that same reason. Plan ahead, coordinate with one another, pick a time on when to meet and go from there.

Next: Relevance. When picking red carpets or speaking events, the excitement of attending one can get a little overwhelming and it might lead to choosing one event that isn’t relevant to what the client is aiming for. For example, if a client is a musician, a authors party would not be in the interest of the client, nor would a business seminar. Choose the event carefully. If the client is a musician, looking for record labels or networking with other musicians, big parties like BET or Billboard awards are a good way to get some high-end party experience, along with getting interviews with journalists who write on these types of events.

Which leads me to another point, getting interviews at these events are a great way of building a reputation for the client. the more news there are about the client, the more buzz it creates and sooner or later, the popularity begins to grow.

Do not be afraid of inquiring about interviews, but do not over do it when contacting journalists.

More PR Tips will be on the way, thank you for taking the time and reading these blogs.

That’s all for now folks! Till next time on Fall PR Tips!