End of the Year and Beginnings of the New…

2014 looking back has been a bit of a whirlwind…full of breakthroughs, good news, not so good news, enlightenment and other life events.

I learned peoples true colors and intentions, some good, some not so much, but overall. I’m happy and maintain a strong since of purpose more than ever.  I have loving family, tight circle of true friends and colleagues and I have chosen to stay grounded and on the positive path because great things are happening not just for me, but some long-awaited #PassionProjects and also my clients. The holidays are always a time to reflect on those that care and love you the most and also those colleagues who truly appreciate what you have to offer. Its because of our positive attitude, honesty and loyalty is why we are being rewarded and blessed 3-fold!

In just the Thanksgiving week alone, I’ve seen:

A fantastic article written on my new series Marisa Romanov by Top Entertainment Blogger Laura Medina’s The Arriviste that ended up getting retweeted and syndicated by several entertainment bloggers.  We completed the Pilot Sizzle that has a beautiful score by the amazing Award-winning film and TV composers Fabrizio Castania and Andrea Ferrari.

We formed a Publicity partnership with The Los Angeles Times and we debut 2 articles January 16th on Chris “The Tool Man” Duke who we also booked him in Consumer’s Digest and upcoming February in The Wall Street Journal and Forbes in March.

We got our client Rafael Zubizarreta a mention in The New York Times because of the buzz of him being cast as one of the main roles in the new Marisa Romanov series

Our client Pete Freeland who is also a Producer as well as recurring talent in Marisa Romanov has been been making headlines and appearances at several red carpet events around LA from GBK suites to hosting the red carpet arrivals at The Oscars for Studio 3 Hollywood to recently appearing at the Product Hollywood Suite where he was announced as one of the arriving celebs.

Our Client Salve Naturals is launching the Search for the New Face of Salve in January and voting begins soon. We have booked them in several publications  including Post Publishing Buzz where they were featured and next Spring they will grace a feature story in All You Magazine.

Longtime client Chrissy Bernal and Sienna Bernal, The Short Order Chef we booked a cooking segment on Great Day Houston LIVE and then they were asked back to do a Christmas special.

The Indigos we got signed to a Film, TV and Commercial Licensing at Conexion Entertainment.

Not too mention book debuts of our clients Dr. Wallace Wong and also the clients thru VerveStar Frank Say and Franklin D. Murdock and the fact that we will have a GIGANTIC SPLASH in NEW YORK CITY next May.

We will launch Marisa Romanov at MIPTV in Cannes next April along with Bobby Ashley’s Repercussions series.   We are not done and there is so much more to come! We at MS Film PR Literary  from our family to yours wish you Happy Holidays and a Fabulous New Year!