Chris “The Toolman” Duke adds new network, joins “The Drive…”

We at MS Film PR Literary love it when our clients make headlines…this shows that they are making a huge footprint with their brand.  Chris “The Toolman” Duke is no exception to that!  From Coast to Coast in over #100Million households you can catch him hosting MotorzTV.  We broadened his reach by booking him to shows like #YahooSportsRadio In Wheel Time (check out his 1st appearance in July) to XM Sirius’s Road Dog Trucking’s Freewheelin where they have branded him not just “The Tool Man” but the Duke of Tools! Now our Craftsman spokesperson will grace the November/December issue of Consumer Digest and a few other major publications coming up.  He also reached out an did an interview on young host Spencer Owens’s Project 165 when he was VIP Celebrity Guests at Rodeo Drive’s Concours d’Elegance.  Now you can catch him regularly on The Drive with Alan Taylor and on TV via Comcast and Timewarner Cable on the new cable network YouToo America! #TuneIn

Chris The Tool Man Duke on SiriusXM Radio