Bobby Ashley’s Repercussions

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Want to learn more about the new web series that has already been selected into two film festivals and was a “Best Short Winner” at the Ocktober Film Festival?Best-Shorts-gold-3d-

Repercussions’ follows the story of Andre Lemon Harrison, a young ambitious African-American male who was raised by his single mother, Tracey. He and his Caucasian girlfriend Sabrina, whom he has been with since high school, have dealt with the pressures of being a biracial couple; however have found a way to overcome them. Now, while striving toward his Bachelor’s degree in journalism, Andre is forced to face his own personal demons which may change his viewpoint on family, friends and even his relationship. As the series progresses; social issues such as infidelity, substance abuse, sexuality, suicide, poverty, crime, abortion, wealth, and mental health will be addressed amongst these diverse characters.

You Can watch the award winning pilot for yourself here.

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