Big Boom at BEA and BookCon! Successful event for our client Winterwolf Press and Laura C. Cantu

Happy Tuesday to all our readers! It has been an eventful week, full of events and clients doing successful things. BEA ended last week and our clients have been busy promoting books and meeting with fans.

Laura Cantu made an appearance to promote her book “Betwxiters” along with all the writers and authors in WinterWolf Press. Laura is also the President/Founder of Winterwolf Press, but she gets no special treatment, her book went through the same steps and grueling acquisitions and editorial process as all authors do.

Many fans were given the chance to get a first had look at new books that are set to be released, along with getting to walk around and read books and learn more about their authors .

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Below are some snapshots of the BookCon

The Winterwolf Team discuss books due out this year with industry professionals at their booth. One Winterwolf Staffer is holding Aubrie Nixon’s Secret of Souls, dark fantasy novel.










Death Awaking to Life author Christine Contini discusses her memoir in a TV interview. The book is out October 31st.










Christine Contini poses with a Blogger who just received an advanced review copy of her memoir.
Meet Winterwolf Press authors: Laura C. Cantu of Betwixters middle grade fantasy series, Christine Contini author of her Death Awakening to Life Memoir also first in the series and Aubrie Nixon and her Secret of Souls dark fantasy.
WInterwolf author Aubrie Nixon proudly poses with her Secret of Souls book at BookCon 2017

The first Winterwolf Press books on display at Book Expo America in NYC: Laura C. Cantu’s Betwixters: Once Upon A Time, Book I; Aubrie Nixon’s dark adult fantasy Secret of Souls and Christine Contini’s memoir Death Awakening to Life.
Meet Power Team Winterwolf Press (from L to R): Laura Jones, Editorial/Project Manager; Miranda Spigener-Sapon, Director of PR & Publicity; Laura C. Cantu, Founder/President as well as author of Betwixters series and Arleen Barreiros, Director of Operations/Acquisitions









Betwixter’s author Laura C. Cantu in BookCon 2017 photo-op with 3 BFF moms who bought advanced copies for each of their daughters also BFFs!

Till Next Week Folks!