Between Lions, The YA Series by Jodi Baker has been called “Series to Watch” by NY Times…Now Book II is released soon…

Hello and good week to all our readers!   Make sure to stay tuned to our blog to know what our clients are up to and what events are upcoming that are interesting to some of our readers. So its time to brew some coffee and get ready for a good read.

We are showcasing a very active client, Jodi Baker who will showcase here new memes about her new book Truth, along with a special sneak peek to her new book which is the second book in the critically acclaimed Between Lions Series.  Just look at what the NY Times says about Baker’s beloved YA series:

The New York Times calls Jodi Baker’s Between Lions YA Series: “A series to Follow”

Below are some tasty teasers and some cool links for you to follow. Jodi Baker’s Second Book Truth (Kindle edition) is ready for pre-order on Amazon. If any of our readers are interested in starting the journey with Book one Trust, Follow this Link to get your hands on the first book Truth (available in Paperback, Hardcover and Kindle). Any more info on Jodi and her books can be found on her website. Click the picture to be transported to an awesome page where more info will be revealed.

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If you would love to read a SNEAK PEEK of Truth just click the MEMES below to take you to the preview of Truth then go Amazon or Barnes and Noble to reserve your COPY TODAY: (just click sneak peek above or have fun and click the MEMES below) 🙂