Back to Basics: Fall PR Series ” How to Write the Perfect Pitch”

Summer is coming to an end, almost time to bring out the fluffy socks, warm blankets. Winter is coming, but it won’t stop us from bringing our readers fiery blogs that are full of pointers and advice.


Writing pitches can be a challenge to some writers. Some pitches can be great and attention drawing, while others can be a flunk.

When sending journalists your pitch, take care on how you send pitches and how the pitch is written. Always make sure you angle and point are clear. As usual, have your contact information ready and make sure you are sending it to a journalist who is relevant to your pitch. Nobody likes to get mail when it’s not relevant to what you are writing about.

That also doesn’t mean a pitch has to be boring and dull. Nobody likes to read a pitch where there is no emotion and nothing that catches the readers attention. Add some emotion to the pitch, add some color to the piece. Not only will it catch the readers attention, it will pique the interest of the journalist and will likely want to know more about the client whose pitch you sent them.

Always, always, always review your work and briefly summarize who your client is. I’ve had it happen to me various times, time crunch rolls around and you send a pitch full of mistakes. Have a college or a superior overview the pitch before sending it out to a potential audience. Cross your T’s and dot the I’s. Include some reviews that your client may have acquired while keeping things short and to the point.

When sending a pitch, make sure the email or contact information is valid. You may have this colorful, entertaining pitch, but what good is that if the pitch bounces due to an invalid contact. Some writers and journalists have various emails and numbers and often hide behind Invalid contact info walls. If you get an email that bounces, try to contact the person via phone is a number is available or use a database to check the person and get the correct email from them.

Remember, writing pitches is essential when representing clients, it’s the fastest way to spread the word and gain some publicity for clients.



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