Avid Runway: VIP Summer Party Bash!

Happy week to all our readers! So much has happened over this weekend, we come back to you with a weekly update about what occurred¬†this weekend, get comfy and grab a cup of coffee, it’s time for a good read.

The Avid Runway party was this past Thursday, where guests were greeted with good vibe music, drinks and a free food truck which had some tasty burgers. The studio granted guests to roam around the hallways and explore all the works and where some popular tv shows were edited, for example, Game of Thrones. It was a scorching day, so guests were able to enjoy high powered fan with some mist to cool off. The photo booth is always a popular stop, wacky hats, and silly signs, four photos are all you need to capture the moment and create memories of where you have been.

If our readers would like to read up some more on who Avid is,

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Producer, Actor and Astronaut Pete Freeland made a small red carpet arrivals appearance and got to enjoy the festivities, as well as our founder, Miranda Spigener with her husband. The very lovely Maryam, a blogger there to cover the event and also enjoy the party. Click here to go check out her works and websites.

That’s all for now folks, short blog update but we’ll be back with more client updates, Till next week!