“Miranda is an absolutely wonderful individual to work with. She is detailed oriented, a fantastic developer and manager and is knowledgeable in ALL aspects of Corporate America. She is also kind, understanding, caring and understanding. I loved working with her and I look forward to doing so again in the very near future. I would recommend Miranda for a position that requires strict attention to detail, high confidentiality and a fast-paced work environment. She’s also fantastic at meeting deadlines and drafting proposals for major television and networks.” — Jessica Angelique, Owner, Angelique Inc.

“Miranda is the consummate professional who is able to achieve results while maintaining her sens e of humor and composure. She is a pro and has the ability to create an effective business plan and implement within a deadline. She is a star in her field and I highly recommend her for your PR and marketing strategy.” — Terri Lee Ryan, Author/Chicago Tribune Blogger and Chicago’s Career Coach for the new national series The Career Matchmakers

“Miranda has the ability to tackle big problems with swift and effective results, while maintaining a terrific sense of humor. She is kind and patient with clients, even while swamped with mountains of work, and manages to somehow move mountains. I would highly recommend her for any PR related job. She is quick and capable at difusing situations, very able at damage control and is a real pleasure to work with. Clients and co-workers alike respect and admire her.” — Elizabeth Trigg, Publishing Executive

“Miranda is an exceptional person, both personally and professionally. You will always find her to be very diplomatic, resourceful and hard working. She is truly multi-talented with a diverse skill-set and an innate interest to learn more, do more and be more. Miranda knows how to jump into the arena of chaos and make order. She is admired.” — Dahlia Kelada, Owner, Business Development Consultant, Abstrakt Designs

“Miranda is a terrific writer, producer and overall focused individual with capablity and resources to deliver anything you may need. I recommend Miranda for any task that needs to actually be completed.” — Edward Canche, Director of Communication, MicroSearch, Inc.

“Miranda worked with great enthusiasm in all aspects of her tasks and responsibilities. She was dependable and a joy to work with!” — Sarah Duke, Team Lead/Sr. Program Technician, MRI Technologies