The Company

Fusion PR…what is it?  MS Film PR Literary  was born in 2010 to put the heart, comfort, loyalty, integrity and love back into PR.

A boutique PR Firm that specializes in  PR, Media Relations, Image Branding, Publicity and client integration for artists and creatives wishing to take their brand to the next level. The company is based in Los Angeles with liaisons in Houston, NYC and abroad. Our goals is to work together collectively and promote not just highly commercial projects/clients, but a strong sense of community with heart, passion and a strong independent spirit.

MS Film PR Literary was established to be a place for PR for Artists by Artists and to help cultivate a symbiotic  fusion of Art + Branding/Publicity in order to equal a creative collective, balanced PR strategy of Magic + Art + Love + Dreams….that is MS Film PR Literary!

Quote startI want not just my dreams, but also to be part of someone’s dreams/visions and together we can integrate our dreams and goals to full fruition with a unique message to give society…that is a big part of what MS Film PR Literary is all about.Quote end – Miranda Spigener-Sapon, Founder