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The importance of communicating with your Publicist

22 Jul, 2015
Nicolle Chase
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Now that you know what PR is, and you’ve figured out if it’s right for you the question remains… What’s next?

After you hire a PR professional, you still have work to do, the most important of which is communicating. In order for PR to work communication is the main and most important thing you can do to get the ball rolling. What is it that you’d like to communicate to the public? To other professionals in your field? In order for your PR representative too do their job they need to know directly from you what your desired result is.

Additionally, while your campaign is in progress, you need to be in constant contact with your publicist. One job that your PR professional has is to make sure that you are being consistent, consistently posting your social media, consistently attending events, consistently getting the right message across. So when you attend an event, or update our social media, you want to make sure that you and your publicist have already formulated a plan to make sure that everything appropriately fits within your desired PR outcome.

Here are a few No-Nos when it comes to communication with your Publicist:

DON’T go for weeks at a time without checking in

DON’T post anything controversial without running it by your publicist first

DON’T expect miracles, PR takes time and there’s no magic bullet for public relations

Here are a few Dos when it comes to communicating with your publicist

DO make sure you’re involved in the process

DO make sure you keep your publicist updated on any projects they may be unaware of

DO communicate regularly

Remember, great communication is key to getting the most out of your PR campaign.




Is hiring a PR professional right for me?

7 Jul, 2015
Nicolle Chase
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Now that we all know what PR is and what a publicist does, it’s time to ask the question Is hiring a PR professional right for me?

Many people think that only actors and hosts need PR but that’s not the case. Actually many professionals can benefit from good PR representation. Authors, small businesses, and even doctors and dentists can add to their careers with the help of a PR professional.

But the question is… Is PR right for you? To answer that question you have to know 3 main things.

1. Am I representing myself in the best way possible?

– Are you sending the right message to the public about you or your business? If you’re unsure, or you think you could use help than hiring a PR professional might be right for you. They can help you figure out what it is that you want to communicate and how best to do so.

2. Am I reaching the right audience?

– Who are you trying to communicate with? A PR professional can help you figure out your audience and market directly to them. We know that different audiences require different approaches and we can help you figure out the best approach for you.

3. Am I prepared to respond to criticism appropriately?

– One important part of PR is knowing how to deal with criticism properly. If you don’t you can make the situation worse and cause harm to your own public image or that of your brand or business. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to respond to criticism don’t do it yourself, this is the time to turn to the pros.


There are many reasons to hire a PR pro. If you have a question or if you want to know if PR is right for you contact MS Film PR Literary at