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PR for Authors

5 Aug, 2015
MS Film PR Literary
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Frank Say - CNNWriting a book is a daunting, lonely, but at the same time a fantastical and amazing accomplishment.  Many writers after they have written their book have contemplated the phrase, “I wrote a book, no what?”  Well, you need to market and brand yourself. The age of publishing has come a long way…a very long way and with it there has been many changes, developments and it has basically evolved in many forms. We have the standard traditional model of finding a publisher or getting an agent and being pitched to a publisher and then you have self publishing where you the author are in charge.  Both of these forms are accepted; the latter requires a lot more time, branding, money, publicity, and usually more money and a lot of time.

Whatever your game-plan is, you need to really thing about it and have a strategy for your work and your career as a writer.  Even in this day and age of technology and entrepreneurship…I still hear people chiming the old, “If you are good you will have publisher knocking down your door.” NOT TRUE! There are many fantastic authors and writers out there and just because a traditional house rejects you doesn’t mean you are a bad writer. Traditional Houses also pick up a lot of bad work and even make millions on it…do not get me started on the “50 Shades…” example of how something so horribly written became a sensation.

At MS Film PR Literary, we don’t just take on any client willing to pay a PR retainer, when it comes to our client roster…which make up mostly authors, we truly read the book and look deep within to see what we can do to help elevate the brand of our talent!

We also combine a traditional formula in our campaigns and work with both published and self published authors.  For our self published authors, we have a bigger pile of work and we work with them to promote their book to the trades, press, bookstores and beyond in the same way that authors at the big publishing houses do it.  One example, is I tell authors when they come to me. Do not be so anxious to just get the book out on the market, especially as a first time or unknown author. If you are self publishing and you have a great book/story then we need to build a fan base, we need to get you active, blogging, social media active and engaging potential readers first. Let’s build buzz and excitement for your stories. Its a huge process, but so worth it in the end.  Contact us at 323-330-9568 or email for a free 20 minute PR assessment!


The importance of communicating with your Publicist

22 Jul, 2015
Nicolle Chase
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Now that you know what PR is, and you’ve figured out if it’s right for you the question remains… What’s next?

After you hire a PR professional, you still have work to do, the most important of which is communicating. In order for PR to work communication is the main and most important thing you can do to get the ball rolling. What is it that you’d like to communicate to the public? To other professionals in your field? In order for your PR representative too do their job they need to know directly from you what your desired result is.

Additionally, while your campaign is in progress, you need to be in constant contact with your publicist. One job that your PR professional has is to make sure that you are being consistent, consistently posting your social media, consistently attending events, consistently getting the right message across. So when you attend an event, or update our social media, you want to make sure that you and your publicist have already formulated a plan to make sure that everything appropriately fits within your desired PR outcome.

Here are a few No-Nos when it comes to communication with your Publicist:

DON’T go for weeks at a time without checking in

DON’T post anything controversial without running it by your publicist first

DON’T expect miracles, PR takes time and there’s no magic bullet for public relations

Here are a few Dos when it comes to communicating with your publicist

DO make sure you’re involved in the process

DO make sure you keep your publicist updated on any projects they may be unaware of

DO communicate regularly

Remember, great communication is key to getting the most out of your PR campaign.