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Pete Freeland and Jonna Ocampo on National Geographic

19 Mar, 2015
Nicolle Chase
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You may be aware that scientists are getting very close to sending up the first commercial space travelers into space. Project PoSSUM, is a space orbital research program that is dedicated to the task of training civilians to become astronauts and researchers, and sending them into the mesosphere to conduct research. The eventual goal is that they will be able to visit space on commercial space flights and conduct space research. Two of our very own clients are a part of this historical program, and have just become a part of the first graduating class from the project. Pete Freeland and Jonna Ocampo, were one of only 12 to have been selected for this opportunity. National Geographic has documented a part of the program, and of Pete and Jonna’s experience. To see a video of what Pete and Jonna are doing, click here.


Welcome Our 4 Newest Clients!

25 Feb, 2015
Nicolle Chase
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2015 has  been a great year for MS Film PR Literary, and it’s only getting better from here –because we have four amazing new clients joining the team! Welcome Gunter Swoboda, Jonna Ocampo, Laila Elsissi, and Sharon Abercia. These four are amazingly talented, and we are so excited to be a part of their journey.

Gunter Swoboda
Gunter Swoboda is a Psychologist, and a talented author of two books; “Mountains of the Sea and his new book “Making Good Men Great,” he is also the founder of Making Men Great, a coaching program focused on Men’s health where Gunter along with his associates offer workshops, coaching, and mentoring all aimed at guiding men into becoming better partners, fathers, and leaders. Gunter is truly amazing, and we are so excited to have such a positive, inspiring person on our client list. You can learn more about the Making Good Men Great program by clicking this link. To learn more about Gunter, or to be inspired yourself please visit his official blog.


Jonna Ocampo
Jonna Ocampo is an amazing woman, with a truly inspiring story and with many talents. She recently was selected as one of the first candidates into the PoSSUM program, the first commercial space astronaut program which she is  already training for. When she is not busy training to be an astronaut Jonna enjoys powerlifting, boxing, photography, Latin ballroom dancing, and writing screenplays and children’s books. Jonna is also taking pre med classes and will soon pursue med school. Joanna is so talented, and such a hard worker, and we are excited to have her on board, and to help her take her career to the next level. You can learn more about her through her website.


Author: Laila El-Sissi

Laila Elsissi is another amazing woman, with an inspiring story of perseverance,  and inner strength. She has channeled her experiences into her writing, and out of it has come an amazing book entitled “Out from the Shadow of Men” which tells the story of “two sisters as they find the courage and joie de vivre to risk their lives and stand up to forces seemingly as large, strong and ancient as the pyramids so they can choose their futures.”  To learn more about her book, her life, or to read an excerpt please visit her website.

Sharon Abercia

Sharon Abercia, is our newest client. Please come back for more on Sharon

You can catch all four authors at Book Expo America 2015 which is held in New York, NY at the Jahvits Center from May 27-29. Come visit booth 468, and meet all of our great authors!